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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

summertime and such

If you are like our family, you are into the full thrust of summer fun! Sports, swimming, camping, fishing...sleeping in occasionally... oh, how I love summer! It has seemed to fly by this year, more-so than in years past. I know, it’s always the same amount of days give or take a couple with school, but there are some times in life that seem to fly by much quicker than others! We will leave for a two week vacation pretty soon and I am so looking forward to it. The last family vacation we had was two years ago under difficult circumstances and a time of transition in our life and, quite frankly, did not feel like a vacation! I am so looking forward to spending time with my family and some dear friends and soaking in the sun on the beach.

Growing up, we vacationed EVERY summer. It was a very scheduled part of our life. Our life was very scheduled...I think maybe my dad had OCD...but that is for another day!

My dad was able to take 3-4 weeks off and we spent it camping in the mountains of Colorado. I cherish the memories I have from those times. I know I was not always the most cooperative kid on those trips, but looking back I wouldn’t trade them for the world. No bathrooms, no showers, no makeup...but we did have a campfire every morning and every night, card games as a family, story-telling, hiking...I hope my kids can feel the same about our family trips, even if they aren’t as frequent as the ones I took growing up.

I will have a freshman in high school this year. That is hard to stomach. It is a mixture of sadness and excitement that I have for him. I, quite honestly, was not a big fan of high school. I got good grades and had some good friends, but beyond that, I could have done away with the clicks, the cattiness, and the bullying. I can only hope that his experience will be better than mine. One good thing came from my time in high school, my husband! Can’t say that it wasn’t worth it I guess!

My point in all of this is, time goes so quickly. I know everyone always says that, but I think each of us reaches that reality check moment in our lives where we truly step back and is really going by too fast. What have I missed? Where have I wasted time that I could have spent hanging out with my kids, my husband, my family? Does all of the little stuff really matter?

James 4:14 Says:

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

I remember my husband preaching a sermon a couple of years ago about this. He tied a string from one side of the auditorium to the other that represented eternity. The line stretched out several hundred feet.  He then marked on it a tiny little spot to represent our entire life, our impact in all of eternity. It was such a great visual of how very small our time is in respect to all of time. What are we doing with it? Are we doing the things that will have the most impact on our kids, family, community, world?

Think about that today as you toss a load of laundry in and then go out and play with your kids, or have some coffee with your spouse. Enjoy. Soak it in. Don’t be so busy that you wake up one day...and you’ve missed it!!

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Wendy Jo

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