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Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Step Forward...

Do you remember that old song? I think it was a country song, but I don’t remember for sure. One step forward and two steps back...I honestly couldn’t tell you another word from the song, but I can tell you that the phrase has certainly stuck with me.

It seems to be such a fitting line for life.  Just when you feel like you are making progress, whether it be financial, with your children, with your personal goals...there always seems to be that “two steps back” just waiting around the corner!  I have been thinking about that and wondering if what seems like two steps back is really something different?

I mean, think about it...whenever something happens that goes against “our plan” or the way things were supposed to work out in our mind, we consider it to be a step back...but what if it is simply part of the plan? What if it is simply a re-direction? The only way that God could grab our attention?

Let’s face it, we plan for almost everything in life.  As a Christ-follower we are careful to throw the “Lord-Willing” into it, but truth be told...we want the Lord to be willing to do it exactly how WE want it to be!   I am fumbling to think of some good examples that are not too specific or pointed, but I will try!

We can look at our career.  Most people that have a career, also have a career path...meaning they aren’t just sitting idley by, enjoying their career.  They have a plan for the next step, the next promotion, the bigger the better...and when something prevents them from getting the promotion they were’s “two steps back”...  Finances is another good one.  Especially with the economy the way it is today, everyone is really thinking through their financial plans.  Paying down debt, trying to tighten the budget, saving for retirement, for college...and then something happens that changes the plan...”two steps back.”

Let’s look at it from the other angle now...”two steps in a new direction...” So many times hind sight is 20/ cliche I know, but it is true.  What if things hadn’t happened the way they did?  Sometimes in life we need a shock to our system, a jolt that reminds us that:

...I am not in control

...I have become complacent

...God has something better for me than this

...I am going the WRONG way...turn around, go back, warning...

The list could go on and on..what would your list say? No, really, sit and think about it...

I find myself questioning my every move some days.  And I have to remind myself that God is in control and He knows the end to my story.  He cares about every minute detail...When I feel like I have gone out on a limb and it didn’t turn out like I thought it would, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t turn out like God knew it would.  He knows what is happening under the surface, the things we can’t see, hear or even begin to comprehend.

Look back over your life and find those “two steps back” moments.  Where have they re-directed you?

Have you grown better from them..or bitter from them?

Last, but not least...the song I mentioned at the’s by The Desert Rose Band...and, oh my, that is some song!! :0)

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Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Wow!  Fall is here and I haven’t blogged in almost 3 months I think!  Actually, that is not true, I just haven’t made any of my blogs public lately!!  A girl needs to get her thoughts on paper sometimes and not share them with the world! Today, I will share! :o) Lucky you! LOL

Fall is my favorite time of year. Hands down. No questions. I love it for it’s beautiful colors, for the smells, the feel of the air...the crispness...

As I sat playing guitar last week, a song began forming in my head and, of course I started scribbling it all down.  I don’t know that it will amount to anything, but the thought behind it is this:  Fall is a season.  It won’t last forever. None of the seasons do.  Some seasons we enjoy...some are painful and we just wish they would get over so we can move on to the next one! We have to learn from the season we are in, enjoy it if it’s possible, endure it if we must, but remember...this season won’t last forever!!

During this season of my life I know that I am learning at lightspeed!  Why? Because if I learn fast...surely this season will go by quicly! Ha! Maybe that’s not how it works, but I figure I might as well be soaking it in since this is where God has me.

Some things I am learning:

  •  Justice/Judgment is in God’s Hands

There are days when I would like to get on a plane, and go confront some people face to face.  Some that I never have had a chance to tell them exactly how I feel about them and what they have done to my family.  But then I realize, as good as that would make me feel, it would do no good!  Bring closure for me, yes, but people are who they are.  If they have been told 100 times, by 100 different people the same thing and they still don’t get it...chances are they never will.  (Aside from God’s hand working a miracle in their lives).  All I can do is educate others how to steer clear of people like them.

  • My future is in God’s Hands
That is such a cool thought.  For all of my planning, worrying, thinking and rethinking...God knows exactly what lies ahead!  He knows where we will be living in a year, where we will be working in a year, how He will  provide for us in a year.  Why do we even worry or wonder what lies ahead?

  • Forgiveness is a Process
This one is hard to grasp.  There are people I have forgiven, only to realize that I am still harboring unforgiveness. (Like those moments I want to jump on the plane... :0) )  I truly believe that at the initial point of forgiveness, I really did forgive them, but it almost seems to work like the stock market with its ebs and flows.  I know that eventually I will be able to completely forgive and hopefully forget...but I have to give myself some time. 

  • Healing takes Time
Along the same lines of forgiveness, healing takes time.  I get frustrated with myself when I wake up angry about things in the past...when I find myself bitter about a situation and think... "come on, you should be over this by now!” I have to realize that not everything can be “gotten over” in just a few days, weeks, or even months!  In order for some wounds to heal, it takes time.  A broken arm may look perectly fine on the outside once the swelling goes down, but it takes many more weeks before the inside is healed and ready to be used again.  Use it too quickly and it will break again...maybe worse than the first time...causing more permanent damage! We are the same way.  God will use us again, I have no doubt, but although the outside looks pretty good now, the Master Healer is still fixing up the inside. 

As you enjoy this Fall season, take time to reflect on what old things...though possibly beautiful in their time just like the changing leaves, need shaken off by the winds of change so that new growth can eventually replace it. Be patient with yourself and with God, who knows the perfect timing for YOU!

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Crazy Mom. Crazy Wife. Crazy Life.

Wendy Jo