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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the little things

I spent an incredible night last night with the love of my life.  We have known each other for almost 25 years now, and I still enjoy the little things.  His hand sweeping across my back, holding hands, a kiss on the forehead...all the little things that make the “big thing” of marriage succesful.  I almost felt like I was in some sort of movie as we ran through the flooded streets in the pouring rain after leaving the concert we attended.  Some people were walking huddled under umbrellas, but not us!  We ran with all of our might the block and a half to our car.  We arrived absolutely drenched and laughing like teenagers. It reminded me of the saying that my friend Jess would always say to me when times were very difficult.
Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to’s about learning to dance in the rain.
-unknown author-

When things were rough she would tell me to look at her little saying that sat on the shelf...and of course I would give her that look of...not now Jess... Oh how I love my friend...and the little things...

I suppose you really can’t fully comprehend the meaning of that saying unless you have danced in...or at least run through...the rain!  If we had waited 5 minutes the rain would have subsided somewhat, but then we would have missed making that memory.

The little things...

There are so many things I could tie this too...both good and bad.

In our marriage, we are learning to once again enjoy the little things.  It is those little things that make you stick like glue through the tough times.  Those little things that sometimes we get too busy to pay attention to...

In the church, it is also the little things.  Find a church that is focused on the “little things” and you will most likely find a church where they are getting it right. We talked about the little things in marriage...what does that look like in a church?

I could go into a list of things that a person would expect when being a member of a church, but I don’t want to get too specific here.  Every church looks different from the next, and every person has different expectations.

Yes, some are nit-picky and shallow and cause people to church hop, because they are never happy. You have to look where the pattern lies...with the people or with the church.

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons people become frustrated with their church...and a lot of times it is these “little things”, not because they have a history of being dissatisfied with where they attend church. A phone call from the pastor at the passing of a loved one.  A meal when a child is sick or born... “little things”  These are the things that people really need.  They don’t need another big event with more lights, camera action...they need to feel loved, to know that their fellow church-goers understand what they are going through.  It’s really what we all need. And guess what, when people feel loved in their time of need, they tend to love other people when they are going through a similar situation.

One more thing along these lines.  I know there are some out there that would say...well, if you see the need than do something about it!  There is some truth to this statement...however, when you are one of the few (20%) who is doing nearly everything (80%) it isn’t necessarily your resposibility to fill yet another gap.  I don’t know the answer.  I do know that when people lead by example, others tend to follow.  (Yes, this even applies to marriage...if you want more of the little things in your marriage, be the first to reach out and eventually, your spouse will follow!)

Yes, I know there is a lot more that goes into a happy, healthy church than this. But I think sometimes we forget the roots of why we come together in the first place.  A fellowship of believers.  People coming together to celebrate life’s successes and weep over life’s sorrows.  To build each other up in Christ’s love.

Well, I have taken all of the time I can for today.

Thanks for stopping by!


Wendy Jo

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  1. Amen! Little things, not the lights-camera-action, that are so important. You make so many valid points!