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Monday, January 10, 2011

old year

This has been a fun day.  A fun weekend.  So far, a pretty good year.  Of course it has only been a week...

The year started with a week of BEAUTIFUL, warm, sunny days.  We are now being buried in a blanket of snow.  Gorgeous.  I am truly amazed by the beauty that surrounds me here.  It seems that everywhere I go there is a view for miles! Mountains, valleys, villages... I Love It!

I try to stay busy...I guess I don’t have to really try with 5 kids and my e-commerce businesses! Busy just happens! This busy is definitely different though. We are busy together, as a family, and that is good.  Very good.

Kayla, our nanny from this summer, came to visit while on break from college.  She is fantastic.  I love everything about having her here.  I keep trying to convince her to move in permanently, but so far she is not convinced.  Her mother would hate me, true, but it would be worth it.  Not only is she a huge help around the house and with the kids, she is a great friend and a GREAT photographer.  I mean great.  She can capture our life in pictures... it’s like a story looking back through them all...I guess it’s because she knows us so well. :0)

Memories. Some a blessing. Some a curse. All part of what makes us...well, us.  That’s hard to swallow sometimes.  Everything that is in our past makes up a part of who we are today.  It really makes a person think twice about the decisions they make today...or at least it should.  Memories are something that become etched in our mind and replay, sometimes against our will.

It’s weird to think about how everything we do will somehow become a memory in the future...ok, that sounds a little confusing, but you get it, right?  Like today, we went sledding, had a blast.  Instant Memory.  Loved it.  The other day we ran out of gas. Instant Memory. Did not love quite so much!

So as the new year ensues, make memories out of every moment, and remember that every moment...will make a make every moment a good one!

Happy New Year from the whole crazy crew!

...and of course, thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom. Crazy Wife. Crazy Life.

Wendy Jo

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