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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pray for Gray

When I became a mom, I think my worst fears began to surface.  The “what-if’s” in life quickly rose to the surface.  I think among the most frightening was the thought of one of my children being injured, sick or even the fear of death itself.  

As a mom, I found myself slipping into protective mode, into fearing to do things that might be dangerous for me, or for my baby! Over the last few weeks I have watched as a fellow mom has watched her little boy struggle with a diagnosis of cancer.  I am learning that we have to enjoy life to its fullest every day, no matter what, because we have no promise of tomorrow.  

We also have to remember that we are not in control...but God is!  I love the saying that Beth Moore has...  If_________, then GOD!  Fill in the blank with your biggest fear and then realize that the answer is always right there!


Please click on the link below and take a minute to read about Grayson and remember to pray for this little guy and his family as they battle the unthinkable. 

...and don’t forget to live for today and enjoy your children!  The laundry will always be there tomorrow!

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Wendy Jo

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