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Friday, November 12, 2010

Its been a little crazy...

Things have been a little crazy around the Davis’ house.  Thus, my delay in updating everyone on the comings and goings of life.

I thought I would slow down for a minute, light some candles, drink some coffee and veg out...which of course means I get to do some writing!

I have been working diligently on my e-commerce sights, writing a book or two, and of course, reminding Abigail to go potty IN the potty.  She is doing quite well, but with her verbal skills still in the beginning stages it is hard to tell if she is saying, “I potty” or “I play”!  Mix that with the craziness of this house and we have had a few misses!

Carter is a constant tornado of energy as always.  Most mornings I catch him with a pair of scissors, cutting into yet another package of leftover Halloween candy.  He is a gentleman and always opens one for Abigail too... and lest you think I am a horrible mother, the scissors ARE put away...Carter is just very creative in getting his hands on them!

Caleb was “Top Dog" at school this week.  He got to bring home a puppy named Marley for the week, make a big poster all about him and what he likes, and he got to have Mommy as his special guest for lunch.  It’s been a fun week for him.  He is also excited because we finally got some snow and he was able to get out and play in it.  He LOVES the snow.

Ashton and Cooper are turning into pretty responsible kiddos too.  We finally caved and got them cell phones so that they can keep in touch with us.  I HATED the thought of my kids having them, but I am trying to not become a non-progressive stuck in the 90’s kind of mom either! I remember my father refused to upgrade to CD’s when they came out...I mean, let’s face it, he was still converting his 8-tracks and Vinyl Records to Cassette Tapes...Dad was not about to buy into this “fad” as he called it.  :0) I guess in some aspects I am a little stubborn like he was...I do have an affinity for the vintage things, but then again, I do love technology!

For those of you who are faithful readers, I wanted you to know that I am in the process of bringing out a few ebooks/how-to guides that will be available in the near future.  I would appreciate any input, suggestions...ok, even criticisms as long as they aren’t too mean. :o) I am really trying to ramp up my writings to help others with some of those common things that we tackle as moms and wives. Working from home has always been the best route for our family so I intend to keep on plugging away and trying to help other moms who want to do the same!

Life calls so I had better get in gear.  The kids will all be arriving home from school shortly. (And Carter just popped up from his nap with his typical...”mommy, I hunry...” No “G” is completely on purpose!)

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pray for Gray

When I became a mom, I think my worst fears began to surface.  The “what-if’s” in life quickly rose to the surface.  I think among the most frightening was the thought of one of my children being injured, sick or even the fear of death itself.  

As a mom, I found myself slipping into protective mode, into fearing to do things that might be dangerous for me, or for my baby! Over the last few weeks I have watched as a fellow mom has watched her little boy struggle with a diagnosis of cancer.  I am learning that we have to enjoy life to its fullest every day, no matter what, because we have no promise of tomorrow.  

We also have to remember that we are not in control...but God is!  I love the saying that Beth Moore has...  If_________, then GOD!  Fill in the blank with your biggest fear and then realize that the answer is always right there!


Please click on the link below and take a minute to read about Grayson and remember to pray for this little guy and his family as they battle the unthinkable. 

...and don’t forget to live for today and enjoy your children!  The laundry will always be there tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo