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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mcspeed, snow boots and a plastic smile...

We are watching “Lightning McSpeed” as Carter calls it, in our house again this morning.  Abbie is running around in her footie pajamas and...snow boots.  I don’t even try to rationalize with her on mornings like this.  Choose your battles!!

The dog pooped and peed on the floor again...I am thinking he may be for sale sooner than later!

The wind blew like a Noreaster was coming in all night last night, except there aren’t Noreasters in Colorado!  It was equivalent though...minus the snow.  They got it in the mountains, but we aren’t getting any for a few more days. (which is totally ok with me!)

I made comfort food for dinner last night.  Homemade Salisbury Steak, Homemade Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans.  Yummy.  I love comfort know, the kind that warms you from the inside out and makes you want to snuggle in front of the fireplace and watch a good movie or read a good book...probably why I like Fall so much!!

I am grouchy today.  I hate being grouchy.

Most days I do okay.  I just pull up my chin and keep on trucking.  Today is one of those days where I am just sick and tired of feeling like life is out to get us.

I try to step back and get some perspective on things.

The sun is shining.  That’s a plus.
The weather is crisp making it feel like fall.  Also, a plus.
We are healthy, at least as far as I can tell.

It’s just the life part that gets overwhelming.  The everyday grind.  The feeling that if it could go wrong it would go wrong.  Grrrr.  It’s hard to enjoy the little things in life when you feel so overwhelmed with the big things!!

very, very tired...

It’s funny how you can know all the right scriptures, all the “right things” to say if it was someone else going through the situation...but when it’s you, it’s different!

I am not one to put on a plastic smile and tell everyone that everything is great.  That is just not me.  I think people need to know that I am real.

Real Pain
Real Heartache
Real Life

After being in the ministry for 15 years, I have seen a LOT of plastic people who try to make everyone think that all is good and well with them, when really they want to cry, scream, tell you their world is falling apart and know that it’s all going to be ok.  But somehow, the church has made these people think that if they show those true emotions that they are not saved, or at the very least sinning because they aren’t trusting in God and claiming the victory. Ostracized if you will.

Don’t get me wrong.  I AM trusting in God...if I wasn’t, I would have bailed a long time ago in life.  I DO believe that He will bring us through.  But that doesn’t mean that I am not human, that I don’t struggle.

How many new Christ-Followers have walked away from God because they have met one too many plastic Christians that say life is good all the time and they just don’t think they are doing things right or will ever achieve that “status” and so they walk away... I say BE REAL!

I think I am going to go exert some energy on cleaning.  I can get my house VERY clean on a day when I am grouchy.  Something about working out my aggressions!


Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

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