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Monday, October 4, 2010

terrible 2’s...and 3’s...what’s a mom to do?

So little Carter man is about to turn 3.  He has told everyone he was 3 from the moment he turned 2...really, he has.  He has, to this point, far surpassed his older brothers and sisters in his ‘terrible twoness’ and shows no signs of slowing down as he careens around our neighborhood squatted down on his skateboards, or (as we talked about before) colors my cream carpet with red marker...that did not come out...

Now we have yet another Davis’ child, the last of 5 who is about to turn 2.  Miss Abigail is already showing signs that she may surpass her brother in this thing called ‘terrible twos’.  Today...yes, just today, she has pooped in her pants, drawn on the floor with a yellow highlighter (thank you totally toddler for doing your job), and looked at her snack of chips and salsa and pushed it off guessed it, the cream carpet...(thank you AGAIN totally toddler for coming to the rescue).

Abbie has this way of looking at you when she knows she is up to no good. She cocks her curly little head sideways, puts on her cutest smile, shrugs her shoulders and...wait for you the princess wave.  Where do they learn these things?  I mean that doesn’t work for me...well maybe occasionally I can get out of ‘trouble’ with Matthew that way, but rarely!

So above all the ‘terrible’ things Abigail has been up to, potty training has involved some of the worst.  Previously Carter was my most difficult...Abbie has won that hands down! She has pooped in a number of places, including on her dad (I did laugh at that one) and on guessed it, cream carpet!

Side Note:  Who in their right mind invented cream carpet...and then who was dumb enough to think it was a good idea to install it in a house? Really?  I miss having hardwood floors!!

Ok, back to the poop on the carpet.  Abbie actually takes her ‘panties’ off and streaks naked quite often.  I really do try to keep her dressed, but she just keeps stripping...and before you all start gossiping...this is NOT something she learned from anyone in our house!  So a week or so ago, I look down by my feet to see a suspicious “lump” on the kitchen floor.  Curious I follow it to a second lump which lead to a whole trail of...much less lumpy stuff along a span of about 6 feet through the dining room.


This one is impossible.

I always have my kids potty trained by 2...and I am running out of time! She will do #1 quite well and easily for me...but the #2, I think she truly gets pleasure out of watching me on my hands and knees scrubbing the carpets...I mean, I am starting to spend a good part of my day doing just that...or maybe God is trying to get me to pray, let’s not get super-spiritual on this one...I think it’s the first one!

Well, I have some sewing to do and laundry to fold, and a bathtub to clean out after our latest I have to go for now.

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Wendy Jo


  1. That's what I needed to see, that Im not the only Mom that is going through the terrible TWOS!!!!!! I loved it, how could you possibly get upset with those cutie-ba-tooties????? They are adorable, I love your family! Its really awesome to see how far some have come from high school, and definite kudos to you and've done and still are doing a WONDERFUL job!!! God bless-Peace, Michelle Dudley-Krupkowski(had to put that there, because I didn't want to be Anonymous!!!!)

  2. Totally enjoyed that!!! Elaina