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Thursday, October 28, 2010

she finally got it!

Well, it’s official. Abigail finally got the potty training down and has successfully made it two whole days without an accident. Thank the Lord! She will be two on Saturday...No more diapers.

She is quite funny. She has figured out, with the help of her big brother Carter, how to climb onto almost anything. It is not uncommon to find her sitting in the bathroom sink, fixing her hair and pilfering through her big sister’s jewelry. She makes faces at herself in the mirror, bats her eyes and talks to herself. Funny thing is, no one can really understand most of what she says...Oh, she’s talking, just in her own language. Carter understands her perfectly though. He can translate and let us know what she wants or needs. Their own secret language.

The one thing she does say quite clearly is, “I beautiful”. Wonder where she learned that! ;0)

Today is Thursday which means no plans for the evening which I like. Today is going to have to be the official shifting of the clothes day. All summer out, all winter in. I have really waited too long, but I dread it.

I can say that living in a 1300 sf condo puts what you really need into perspective. Yes...7 people...1300 sf...not much privacy around here! (Or storage space) So, everything goes out, no room to save hand-me-downs. I just donate it all to goodwill and start fresh. I need to get more shelving, more dressers, more baskets...just to organize what little we have kept!

Well, Carter just stole Abigail’s “spot” by the fireplace...and her hot chocolate so I had better put back on my supermom cape and go rescue the little Diva. Then to the clothes...I promise! I must complete the!

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Wendy Jo

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  1. My friend I remember sitting in the hospital room with you and abby when she was just days old this time two years ago! Bringing you coffee and a bagel while I was still prego with Nathan. This post made me laugh with a smile and with a tear. Wow how time has flown!! I love and miss you, our other friend, and your kids very much.
    Love your Friend!!