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Sunday, October 17, 2010

run-a-way train

The kids are napping and it’s time to go to small groups, but here I sit typing. I guess we will probably be late again this week. Part of me gets irritated with being late, and part of me kind of enjoys living at our own pace.

Sometimes, you don’t realize how out of control you are, how controlled you are by someone else until your life gets shaken into reality. Then BAM, it hits you like a ton of bricks. You aren’t in control, you haven’t even allowed GOD to be in control...

Have you ever been so consumed in doing what’s “right”, doing “good”, keeping your chin up and just keeping on keeping on that you don’t even realize that you are on a run-a-way train? Sometimes you need a gentle nudge from a friend to get you back on track, sometimes you need a whole lot more than that.

What’s really important?

Looking good to everyone else?

Getting the job done no matter what?

Making other people look bad to make yourself look better?

Brushing things under the rug and “moving on”?

Doing so much good that you don’t realize that it’s not the good that you are supposed to be doing... Even too much of a good thing can become bad...

You may be guilty of one, or all or you may know someone who is...don’t let them stay on that run-a-way train. Be the friend that gives them the nudge and gets them back on track...or maybe get yourself back on track.

How many times have we been guilty of watching someone run themselves or run someone else into the ground and stood by, shaking our heads saying, “someone really should say something to them...” guilty? I know I am. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to do the right thing, sometimes it won’t be received. But I encourage you, if God is opening your eyes to something, don’t be afraid to let Him use you to be the voice of reason!!

Love this song...listen up!

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  1. Love it Wendy Jo. Thanks for the nudge.