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Thursday, September 16, 2010

love notes

About a year ago, I received one of the coolest, most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.  Now don't get me wrong, there have been a lot of really neat gifts along the road, but this one was special.

My husband had just returned from a mission trip to El Salvador and pulled me in to present me with this gift.  It was really a pre-gift to another gift he planned to give me, but this pre-gift is what I want to focus on today.

The gift was a planner/journal for the coming year.  Now I should probably stop here and explain that my husband is one of the most particular shoppers that you will find.  He doesn't LIKE to shop, but he, like most men, enjoys the 'hunt'... and inevitable 'capture' of whatever it is he is looking for.  That being said, I know the hours of research...'hunting' that went into this purchase.

I LOVE the journal.  I have jotted in it off and on throughout the year and journaled in it as I did devotions or just had a thought... but truly this is where the most special part of this gift really lies.

Within it's pages my husband had taken the time to go through and write something special on each day that meant something to us as a couple.  Little 'love notes'.  Kids birthdays, trips, special memories...each page carefully gone over and written in with love, for me to find as I went through the journal as the year passed.

Only God knew how much I would need those little reminders as I flipped through the pages on those particular days.

One in particular stood out to me a few days back.  It was a very unexpected little note that I had not remembered seeing and the day was not a 'special' day in our lives... but there it was.  It simply said, "I just love you, that's all."  Simple but so powerful on a day I needed that reminder...

It reminds me of how God has written these little love notes to us also, in his gift to us, the Bible.  How many times have we been flipping through the pages and come upon a verse or chapter that just reminds us that we are loved...that He is in control...that He will provide...that we are none worthy, not one...and yet, He loves us so much anyway...

Remember that you are loved today.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Wendy Jo


  1. you are too sweet, and so strong. thanks baby! i love you more than ever... just stop making me cry!

  2. i love you too...and thank you :0)

  3. matt's hand writting has always looked like a font to me.q: like... "matt handwritten STD thin"
    anywho, love your post!(: