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Friday, September 24, 2010

being home

Have you ever really thought about the deeper meaning of being 'home'?

People come 'home' from work...
People go 'home' to visit extended family and friends they grew up with...
'Home' is where the heart is...
Women love to make their house a 'home'...
People serving our country in the armed forces want to go 'home'...

I've been thinking a lot about what 'home' really means to me.

We've moved a lot in our life so no structure can ever really be home. I can make it 'homey' but it's just a building. I like to go visit my family and friends, but it's not really home to me anymore.  It's not the house I grew up in and most of my family is spread out across the country.

I think home to me is the feeling I get when my husband walks through the door and my children run and hug and kiss him and scream, "DADDY"!

It is the smell of a roast cooking in the kitchen and cookies in the oven.

A fire in the fireplace and a candle burning on the mantle.

It is kids playing tag through the house and jumping on the furniture, even when I've told them no 100 times.

It's a baby streaking naked through the house after a bath.

It's laughter, tears, joy, and pain. It is the fear that things will never be the same and the excitement of a new adventure...together.

I really think that is the key.  We are together.  Whatever we are doing we are in it as one. No man or woman can change that.  People can do things and say things, be it truth or lies, we are who God made us to be and we are where we are because God has a plan.

WE are 'home'.

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Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo


  1. love it...totally agree. :)

  2. Deep, thanks Wendy.

  3. you are 100% correct.
    love you<3

  4. That was amazing, I have asked myself the same question. It is so nice that someone else thought of the answer, thanks. lol. Evelyn

  5. nobody could have said it more perfect, wendy.
    love you.