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Monday, May 3, 2010

Put that away!!

No one ever said parenting would be easy, right?  If they did they must have been delusional because I am here to say it is NOT easy! Our Pastor is actually preaching on Parenthood right now and I am already learning so much...about what I am doing wrong! :0) Good thing I am in the learning mood!

Yesterday was an eventful day! We had church in the morning and then headed straight to baseball pitch, hit and run competitions for the two older boys.  It was a muggy, rainy, and then sunny day o' fun at the field. Carter and Abigail tend to get a little bored and therefore awnry while we are out there. I usually cram them full of food and drinks to keep them occupied and help pass the time. Matthew and I were sitting in the bleachers watching the kids run and play during a lull when we both look out in front of the bleachers to see Carter with his pants around his ankles, peeing on the grass! He looks up at us nonchalantly and says, "I pee on grass!" Fabulous.

The rest of the afternoon passed without incident and we made it to bed time.  Everyone was tucked in and Matthew and I were finally enjoying a few moments of peace when I hear someone stirring upstairs. Matthew goes to check it out and then yells at me that I might want to come see this.

There stands Carter, toilet brush in one hand, empty bottle of what used to be VERY EXPENSIVE hair gel in the other.  The toilet is filled with a mixture of hair gel and, you guessed it, and he is swishing and cleaning away!  He looks up with a quivering lower lip, "I cweanin'! I mommy's big hewpew? (helper)" How can I be mad...and yet, I am just a tad on the mad side...when will the boy stop?!  I can understand once, maybe even twice a week him doing something crazy, but twice a day? Really?

So after all of that I figured today would be an easy day, but it started with him aiming and shooting (you know) all over the bathroom, himself, me...yep, it's been yet another long day here~

This one is short and sweet because if I don't go the house will be destroyed and we will be late for yet another baseball game!  (It's a good thing Ashton doesn't play softball or we would really be in trouble!) Fortunately she is into acting and singing so we have nooooo problems there...(note the sarcasm) We will talk about that at a later date!

Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

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  1. O MY!!!! I think Cater and Sam would get along FAMOUSLY. :) Love your stories Wendy...and to know that I am not the only one helps a lot. Hey if you wouldn't mind passing on the info from your pastor that would be awesome...need all the help I can get. :)