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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A sunny day and nothing to do...

Well we finally got another sunny day here in the Poconos, and I hardly know what to do with myself!

No, really.

What exactly do you do on a sunny day with no kids at home?  I have had the day completely to myself and basically wasted the entire day because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do!!

Pitiful, I know.

I dream of days like this, of all the things I would do with a day to myself. I picture a day trip to any number of places...

I felt guilty going shopping...

What would I buy? Could I spare any money?

What about taking a walk? mmmm, nope, can't get motivated for that one either...

Sewing, nope, don't want to be trapped inside...

A, feeling guilty just thinking about it.

Clean the house...again, no.

You get the picture.  And now, it's 2:45 and the kids are going to begin filtering back into the house and wanting to know what we are going to do tonight.  Hmmm, I better start working on this now or I am going nowhere fast when everyone gets home!  Maybe a bonfire out back.  Easy and free!!

In other news, Little Joe is finally adjusting to the family.  He has learned who is in charge after a few short days of very strict training... I think we may be backtracking on potty training though so there is another project for me to tackle! He keeps sneaking off to a certain spot in the house and making his mess and then sneaking back in!  I have cleaned the spot with pet odor remover and bleach, but he just keeps going back.  Lots of fun!

Before, I go, a little Carter story to make you smile...he is up to his antics again.  He is obviously watching EVERYTHING that happens around the house and soaking it all in!  Unfortunately, what he seems to have picked up is Matthew's habit of popping me on the rear and saying "hey babe"...yeah, you get the picture.  Fortunately his teacher at daycare is also a very good friend and got a kick out of his "rear-popping"as he strutted by her the other day.  Oh my, what will we do with the boy?

Well, I have 5 minutes left to relish of my quiet...yet boring day!  Hope you have enjoyed yours!

Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

Monday, May 17, 2010

What was I thinking?

First, let me thank you for being patient as I took the week off last week to spend some much needed time with my wonderful husband and children, and also to get adjusted to the newest member of our family!

Matthew and I had a fabulous time at the Jersey Shore, drinking coffee, walking on the beach and enjoying the gorgeous views of the ocean and bay from our hotel room.  WOW!  I am always amazed by the beauty and serenity of the ocean.  It takes me to a calm place that actually allows this mind of mine to stop...which is a rare thing!!

After coming home we spent a couple of days spoiling the kids a little bit and running around to baseball games.  It was a gorgeous weekend and this week promises to be the same.  Thank the Lord for some 70 degree weather finally!  I was way past ready!

On to Little Joe.

Hmmm.  I have definitely had a few of those moments already where I have said to myself, "what was I thinking?'  Seriously, where were my friends telling me I had lost my mind in this process?  They were actually right there, telling me I had lost my mind, but I didn't listen very well!

So, here we are with this newest addition to our family, who is sooo super sweet, but also is occasionally going postal on us!  A friend told me that he (all 1 1/2 pounds of him) thinks HE is the "alpha male" in our house and apparently I have to teach him that this is not so!  It's a good thing he isn't any bigger than he is or I might be terrified of him!  He sounds downright vicious!!

I am serious!  He can turn as if he is bi-polar from super lovey to attack mode!  So now the poor thing is getting time-outs in his crate every time he acts like that!  As if I didn't have enough time-outs to worry about with Carter!!

Can you spank a dog?

I'm thinking yes...not too hard, just a swat...

I will keep you posted on how this goes, and if anyone out there has any pointers on training this ferocious beast let me know!  I don't want to give up on him already, but I have no idea what I am doing.  All the research I did said that the maltese was... "a calm, quiet family dog that is great with kids!"

I would like to talk to those people...


Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Davis...

I think it's official, I've lost my mind!  I was at a baseball game, minding my own business, when this girl walks up with this tiny little ball of fur.  Now I am not normally a dog fan.  With five kids, the thought of cleaning up more poop, hair and whatever goes along with a dog...oh yes drool, it's just not appealing!  So I ask her about this cute little fur ball and it is a year old Maltese!  It's tiny, it doesn't shed, it's calm, it's good with kids...I want one!

Anyone who knows me knows that I can be a bit impulsive.  This was no exception.  I went straight home and started researching this little dog to find out if all of these things about him were true...which they are!  So before you know it I had found one and it is on the way to my house today!  

This isn't the best picture but it's the only one I have of the little guy! When he gets here I will take more!

I think we will call him Lil' Joe.  It's his given name and I like it.  Of course Carter, who I have told my secret too, is already calling guessed it, Bean!  This is actually Matthew's Mother's Day gift to me.  I am quite excited, although the fear of the unknown is is a big commitment.  I hope I don't get buyer's remorse, because this one isn't going back!

A good friend of mine decided to point out to me AFTER I had purchased Li'l Joe that this is normally the time I would be giving birth to another child!  She is right!  I think I just may be filling the void of not having another child with...a dog! Yikes...wish she would have told me that before I purchased the wouldn't have made any difference, and I am definitely not having more kids, so I guess a dog it is!

My only major concern now is that Carter will not sit on Lil' Joe because that would definitely be the end of him!  Definitely going to have to watch him close!  Normally he is terrified of dogs, no matter the size, so I am hoping that is the case with Lil' Joe.  At least for awhile so that Lil' Joe can learn to run and hide!!!

The kids are waking up and of course hungry so I had better get busy with breakfast.  The bus driver has zoomed past our house twice this week, not even slowing down, so today I will stand by the side of the road to wait, just to make sure...not sure what I'll do if she doesn't stop...probably start running after her like any good, crazy mom would do! 

I am attaching a link to the Parenthood sermon series from our church to the bottom of this.  I have had some requests for info on it and figured this was the easiest way to get it to you.  It will be updated each week with the new service for the four weeks I think.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Friday...and Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there!!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

Monday, May 3, 2010

Put that away!!

No one ever said parenting would be easy, right?  If they did they must have been delusional because I am here to say it is NOT easy! Our Pastor is actually preaching on Parenthood right now and I am already learning so much...about what I am doing wrong! :0) Good thing I am in the learning mood!

Yesterday was an eventful day! We had church in the morning and then headed straight to baseball pitch, hit and run competitions for the two older boys.  It was a muggy, rainy, and then sunny day o' fun at the field. Carter and Abigail tend to get a little bored and therefore awnry while we are out there. I usually cram them full of food and drinks to keep them occupied and help pass the time. Matthew and I were sitting in the bleachers watching the kids run and play during a lull when we both look out in front of the bleachers to see Carter with his pants around his ankles, peeing on the grass! He looks up at us nonchalantly and says, "I pee on grass!" Fabulous.

The rest of the afternoon passed without incident and we made it to bed time.  Everyone was tucked in and Matthew and I were finally enjoying a few moments of peace when I hear someone stirring upstairs. Matthew goes to check it out and then yells at me that I might want to come see this.

There stands Carter, toilet brush in one hand, empty bottle of what used to be VERY EXPENSIVE hair gel in the other.  The toilet is filled with a mixture of hair gel and, you guessed it, and he is swishing and cleaning away!  He looks up with a quivering lower lip, "I cweanin'! I mommy's big hewpew? (helper)" How can I be mad...and yet, I am just a tad on the mad side...when will the boy stop?!  I can understand once, maybe even twice a week him doing something crazy, but twice a day? Really?

So after all of that I figured today would be an easy day, but it started with him aiming and shooting (you know) all over the bathroom, himself, me...yep, it's been yet another long day here~

This one is short and sweet because if I don't go the house will be destroyed and we will be late for yet another baseball game!  (It's a good thing Ashton doesn't play softball or we would really be in trouble!) Fortunately she is into acting and singing so we have nooooo problems there...(note the sarcasm) We will talk about that at a later date!

Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo