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Friday, April 23, 2010

Tooshie Totes

I thought I would take just a minute to update you today about my business, Tooshie Totes. I know, kind of a funny name, so let me explain.

When I started making totes several years ago, I actually started making diaper bags...out of necessity, because I wasn't really into Pooh Bear and I needed something stylish to tote all of my baby things in! And I couldn't afford the cute bags I saw at the local boutique, so being the creative do-it-myself kind of girl, I decided that I could just make one. Thus the beginning of my business, that has been kind of on-again, off-again for the last 15 years. Since I carried things to clean a baby hiney, I wanted to name the bags accordingly...and since I didn't figure that Butt Bags would really catch on, I went with Tooshie Totes instead!

My true passion is design. I love to decorate anything and everything. I just don't have the money to actually decorate the way I really want to! (Something about needing to feed five children and put clothing on them tends to take priority over my design fetish!)

I can talk myself out of just about any purchase when I stand in the store aisle long enough debating..."Shoes for the baby...fabric for new for the baby...fabric for new for the baby" get the picture! And of course, being a bit on the creative side, I tend to think I can do any task, be it big or small, so I have a really hard time buying ANYTHING because, after all, I could do that!! (Yes, you can roll your eyes here, because that is exactly what my husband would be doing!) I am the insane friend who tells my friend, 'Sure, we can strip that table and chairs down and repaint the entire thing in one weekend...with 8 children and no husbands to help...piece o' cake!'

Ok, so I have gone completely off track here, but what I am trying to get to is that designing totes has been an outlet for me to release my inner-designer without putting the family into bankruptcy! The totes have been on hold the last month or so because I needed to take care of some family stuff, get my life back in order a bit. But...I can feel the design bug creeping up on me, so new totes will be emerging soon!

Crying babies and a night at the baseball field await me so I have to go for now. Enjoy your weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

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