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Monday, April 5, 2010

This is like a roller coaster

Yesterday was Easter Sunday.  I love Easter. I think that there was great purpose in God's timing.  His Son raised from the dead at the same time that are earth is coming out of its winter 'death' and 'springing' to life!

Of course, my Easter Sunday was not without it's own share of fun!

What did you expect?

My husband has to be at the church much earlier than me, which means me getting 5 children plus myself ready for church.  Our church is fairly casual so most Sundays it is not a huge deal to get the kids ready, but today...I'm really not sure what I was thinking, I decided to get all of the boys into button-down shirts that I had failed to iron the night before and the girls in dresses, also needing ironing!

We have started the 'buddy system' in our house (which I will talk more about later) to try to help keep the chaos to a minimum.  Caleb's buddy is Abigail, Ashton's buddy is Caleb and Cooper's buddy is...Carter.  I know, it hardly seems fair, but no one else could even come close to controlling Carter!!

So, amidst the screams of Cooper chasing Carter trying to get him dressed against his will, Caleb chasing Abigail trying to keep her from climbing the stairs again, and Ashton chasing Caleb trying to fix his hair, let's just say I was not feeling all peaceful and was more like where is my motrin and 'could this possibly get any more insane?'...

...a question I should have learned by now to never ask!

So we finally got everyone loaded and ready to go, 20 minutes behind schedule.  It is imperative that with five children I arrive at the children's check-in station at least 20 minutes before service starts because of how long it takes to get them all registered and where they need to go!

So we are on our merry little way, all of the children's bellies full of cereal and...what else but Easter candy!  So I am zooming along, slightly faster than I should be on our shortcut road to the church and the kids are giggling, 'This is like a roller coaster!' I'm actually having fun too!

Then I hear from the very back in a small voice, the sentence every mother dreads to hear... 'mom, I threw up'...

Oh yes, all over that beautifully ironed button-down shirt and those handsome slacks.  It was everywhere! Again, never ask 'that question' because inevitably it can and will get worse!! I guess, in hindsight it was not a smart choice to pump the children full of sweet cereal and Easter candy before heading down that road...but at least they were fed!!

So, we arrive at the church slightly behind schedule, but just in time to rush everyone into their classes, get Caleb cleaned up and sprayed down with the body mist that someone has so graciously left in the women's bathroom!  Another 'blessed' morning with 5 children!!  I am now realizing that I have forgotten to turn down the heat at the house and I left the camera sitting on the shelf.  Another Easter picture with my iphone.

The caption will read something like, "Happy Easter, sorry we are covered in throw up, our hair is a mess and our clothes are somehow wrinkled again.  Hope you had a great day!"

Tomorrow...we talk about getting, really, tomorrow is the day!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

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