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Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer is coming...36 Days to June 1

Well, although we have been bombarded once again with cool rain and fog here in the Poconos, my mind is still set on Spring and the much anticipated Summer break!  With that comes the overwhelming fear of...shorts and swimsuits!  (If only we could all look cute with our fat rolls like miss Abigail!)

Let's face it, after five kids I just don't feel like the glowing picture of athleticism that I would like to.  I try to keep in trip up the stairs for dirty laundry and then back down, forgot my phone upstairs so up I go and then back down, someone is crying upstairs so up I go, again, and then back down...not exactly the ideal workout routine, but I will take what I can get!  (And when the Dr. asks if I exercise  regularly...well, of course I do!)

That being said, I am stuck at somewhat of a plateau.  (Yeah, been there awhile, I remember mentioning it a month or so ago...) So here I am stuck, 15 pounds over my "ideal" weight. (well actually according to the scales 17 pounds...but it changes daily...maybe the scale is broken)

Who decided ideal anyway? Some non-exercising, unhealthy scientist in a lab? Hmmm, well regardless, being the perfectionist that I am, I want to be at my "ideal" weight.  Soooo, beginning today I will be tracking for the world to see, my journey to taking off those last, frustrating, post-baby pounds, and really more correctly my overall body health.  (I will NOT be posting pictures!)

Pounds to Lose: 17
Pounds Lost: 0 (Yep a big goose egg)
BMI: 24.6 (Just barely in the top end of the normal range by .3) Aaaah

I exercised (actual real exercise) for 15 minutes today.
I a horse!  This may be more difficult than I thought!

One more thing, I realize to some of you I may not look overweight, but the doctor says I am; and yes, I have checked with my doctor before beginning this exercise regiment and you should do the same!

If you want to join with me, than post your status in the comment section as we work our way toward summer time! (Pounds to Lose...Pounds Lost...BMI) I am doing a 12 week plan, with the intention of losing a pound a week.  So I won't actually reach my "ideal" weight by summer, but I know I will be feeling better!  (June 1 will mark just over 5 weeks so I should have lost 1/3 of my weight by then).

In other exciting news, I will be making low-fat meatloaf muffins for dinner. I know, sounds amazingly not fun...but I pulled it from a friend of mine's blog and she is a fabulous cook, so I am going to give it a try.  I'll let you know how it goes!

Off to make a Tooshie Tote, and take care of a very whiney 2-year-old!

Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life (Really Crazy today)

Wendy Jo


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  1. I'll join you in your weight loss saga! I too am overweight, (I don't need a Dr. to tell me that)! Anyhow, I have been faithfully visiting the gym on a daily basis and in the past three weeks I have lost 11 lbs. I have about 20 more lbs. to lose. So here it goes...

    Pounds to lose: 35
    Pounds lost: 11
    BMI... I'm sure it's around Heffer status.

    I will keep updating as the weeks go by.
    We are strong women, but definitely stronger in numbers. GOOOO WENDY!!!!! (pom-poms)