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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A little spring spruce up...

Well, it is Saturday afternoon and I have had a busy morning with the kids. Cooper and Caleb have baseball practice today and we have church tonight and we have church tomorrow and and and!!! Lots to do, always. It doesn't seem to stop! I am thankful it is sunny today, although a crisp 55 degrees with a strong northwesterly wind makes it feel much colder than it looks outside. The children are very confused because it was 80 last week and we lived outside, now they can't go out because it rained and it's too cold! Summer is coming!

I thought I would share with you one of my favorite money-saving tips to spruce up your house for spring. I have had to come up with inexpensive ways to cover the 30+ windows in my house because we rent and I refuse to spend the money on curtains that may not work at my next house.

You can purchase twin size flat sheets at any of the 'superstores' for around $5-$6. One twin sheet will nicely cover one window. You can get white or any other fresh, spring-like color. You then have two choices for hanging them. You can get some of those lightweight little curtain clips to hang them from a curtain rod over the window or you can put a small slit in each side of the top end of the curtain and you have a curtain pocket. Using the clips allows you to adjust the length, creating a small over-hang along the top if you need to shorten it. (Or you can hide the over hang on the inside if you don't like that ruffled look.)

No sewing, super cheap, and very easy to do this little trick will make your house feel a little fresher after the long winter and give you some inspiration to do some spring cleaning too!

Off to the next baseball practice! Enjoy your Saturday!

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Wendy Jo

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