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Monday, April 19, 2010

Just another Davis day...

We have a saying in our house when things seem to go a little crazy...which seems to be quite often! We will say, 'It's been a "Davis Day"' or something along those lines when everything that could go wrong, does!

I had one of those days last week. Actually it was two in a row...but I will spare you the pain and just tell you about the first one for now. I am driving down the highway, minding my own business when I hear a strange noise coming from under the car. (I was driving Matthew's car because he had mine) Low and behold one of the front tires that we were going to replace the next day was flat as a pancake!

So I get out the jack and start working on raising the car to change the tire. I get the car up high enough to get the tire off when I remember that you have to keep the weight of the car on the rim in order to loosen the lug nuts! (My dad taught me how to change a tire, but that was a long time ago!) So, back down I crank the little jack, which takes almost as long to crank down as it does to crank it back up!

I finally get it low enough to start tugging on the lug nuts. I get one very stubborn nut off and am working on the second one when a nice, big, muscular man stops to help me. (I'm pretty sure he could have just lifted the car with one hand and changed the tire with the other...) Anyway, I am pretty independent, pretty stubborn, pretty bull-headed, but I was wearing my new sweater, good jeans and my great black I was not complaining when he took over!

Long story short he got the tire changed, replaced it with the donut, only to find that the donut was flat! (At which point I am really thankful that he is there, because I am pretty sure that my attitude would not have been very good if it was me changing that tire!) So he took the donut back off, took it to the gas station, put air in it, then came back and put it on the car!

A side note here, when I was telling the kids what happened when I got home, Carter was soooo excited, because he thought that I had brought home donuts for him to eat! The boy never stops thinking about food!

Back on track...

Well, as if this weren't enough, I go to start the car...and the battery is dead from running my hazard lights! Thank goodness Matthew had showed up by this point so he gave me a jump...

Oh, no, it's not over yet!! I take the little car and go to pick up my daughter. All goes well until I pull back into the driveway at our house only to hear the air hissing out of the OTHER front tire! Are you kidding me?! Remember, we were getting the tires replaced the next day!!!

I guess I should be glad that I made it back home instead of getting stranded and having to tow the little car. But it still qualifies as a Davis Day, hands down! Thank goodness the kids weren't with me, and the rain had stopped, and, and, and!!! (Next time maybe we won't wait quite so long to get those tires changed either!)

Well, surprise, surprise, Carter is streaking through the house naked, playing a harmonica! Nap time must be over, so I have to go...

Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo


  1. Wendy, I love reading your blog... perhaps "crazy" is normal :) Does the buddy system work well for Sunday Mornings? That is by far the worst morning at our house!

  2. Thanks Andrea! :0) Yes, the buddy system is working great for Sundays! It was our craziest day and I always left the house so stressed that I thought I might have to get saved again by the time I got to church! We are definitely proactive on Saturdays, getting clothes out and everything, but it has helped us make it out the door all in one piece and much more at peace!!