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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have to poop...

Well, we all know that I could write stories about Mr. Carter every day and we would all get a laugh. The boy is destined to be a comedian or something... I try to spread the love amongst the kids when I tell my stories, but today Carter takes the cake. Here are a few of his funny moments over the past week!

Okay, this one was too funny not to post. How many times have you been in the middle of nowhere and one of the kids has to...go, not just number one either! Well, the other day at baseball practice my little Carter announces from the back seat, 'I have to poop!!'. He sounded quite desperate, but there was nowhere to take him so I tell him to hold on a minute... The next thing I know I hear him grunt and then announce, 'I pooped.'


Just what I needed!

Of course then I discovered there was a lovely little outhouse/port-o-potty on the other side of the fields so we walked across the field to take care of business...not an easy task in a 3x3 foot space, while holding your breath and trying not to touch ANYTHING!!! Wow!

Then there is the ongoing complaint that his tummy he telling the truth? Is he sick? I'm thinking the answer is no since he then proceeds to tell me that, 'It's pwobly the poporn and tittles from the movie theatow!' The kid doesn't forget anything! I had told him the night after we went to the movies when he complained about his tummy hurting that it was probably the popcorn and skittles...enough said. Now of course, he thinks that the solution to his upset tummy is...chocolate! I don't think so!

Then there was the trip to Kmart this week, looking for shoes for Caleb. Of course the shoe department happens to be right next to the lingerie department! Carter announces in his NOT inside voice...'Look mommy, BOOBIES!' Oh yes..such a proud moment for me as I duck into the shoe aisle!

And, last, but not least, I am sending you over to my husbands blog to see what Carter's teacher caught him reading in Sunday School class last week! Not sure what this book is doing in the preschool class, but of course Carter found it...boy do we have our hands full! Click below to check this one out!

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  1. I always feel bad laughing at your expense!! But trust me, I've 'been there, done that' with the girls!

  2. man, i always knew that kid was destined for greatness. i gotta get up there and hear him talk--i don't think he was really doing that yet when i left!