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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Buddy System

When you start having children, you are overwhelmed at the thought of bringing home that precious bundle of joy from the hospital. You wonder how you will remember to feed it, how you will know when it is hungry, when will you sleep...the questions go on. Those first few days and even weeks seem to fly by as you try to adjust to life with this third little person in your house.

I remember finding it difficult to find time to grab a shower, eat, do the dishes...I was completely overwhelmed! Little did I know that a few years down the road I would be trying to figure out how to juggle FIVE of these precious little kiddos! Wow! Never did I imagine...

Now I mentioned Baby Wise was a lifesaver for me when it came to getting my kids on a schedule. I can't imagine trying to make it through those early years without that book...and a lot of prayer!

But, the kids are getting older now, ranging in age from 12 down to 1 and so I have found that in order to get everything done that needs to get done, we needed something to help us a little. Let's face it, if you want me to be happy, do not make me try to cook dinner for 7 with 2-3 youngsters clinging to my legs, fighting, screaming, crying, get the picture, and it's not pretty.

Just like when I am talking on the phone, cooking time also seems to be the time that EVERYONE needs something from me!

I want to teach my kids to cook...

I want them to be able to do these things...

but I am pretty sure that dinnertime is NOT the time to do that!

No, my kids prefer to play a game of, 'Who can knock whom off the couch with a pillow first?', or another household favorite is, 'I am older than you and I can make you think that I will actually run over you with this battery powered four-wheeler'!

So...we have instituted the 'buddy system' in our house. Any time I need to be focused on a task at hand, or if we are preparing to go somewhere, or even at bedtime, each child is responsible for another.

The kids seem to be really grasping the idea and learning to, not only help each other, but also love each other a little more along the way! It isn't always perfect, but it is certainly making things go much smoother! I find that I am not constantly yelling up the stairs at my one very willing child to do everything! Instead things are more balanced and fun!

Cooper feels a little stressed about his job, because, quite frankly, it is the hardest...he is in charge of Carter! Even at that, Carter, after a week or so is finally learning that punching his 'buddy' in the face does not help him get ready to go out to play, it only gets him in a whole lot of trouble! He actually knows that Cooper is his buddy and looks for him to help him with his shoes, etc. So cute!

Ashton is in charge of helping Caleb and then Caleb, who is a big 5-year-old now, is in charge of Abigail. (Of course most of the time she is with me, or Ashton helps him with his 'buddy', but it gives Caleb that sense of responsibility...he likes to make her happy!

I will keep you posted on how this goes, but so far so good! I feel like I may just be able to get dinner on the table tonight without having to lock everyone in their bedrooms!

Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

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