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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

I awoke this morning, once again to the sound of a frantic child, much earlier than I had planned. We have already established that I am NOT a morning person! Far from it. However, I have been doing better. Waking up before anyone else has helped, as well as faithfully following my flylady routines so that when I go to bed my sink is shining and my laundry is caught up. was kind of an accumulation of several long days that started in a similar fashion to this morning and I had pretty much had it. I had made plans for the day and they did not include two sick children!

So my alarm was still waiting to go off, but I was up, cleaning up yet another child covered in vomit and wishing that somehow we could just start this day about two hours! What I don't understand is how you can throw up and then act fine the rest of the day, having more energy than 10 grown men!!

So Carter is bouncing off the walls and Abigail, who is also sick, simply walks around and whines and moans and cries and complains! Not a good or easy combination. Add to that the fact that I also have come down with something and just want someone to take care of me! Just for a day! But, no, I must do as all mothers across the world must do...put aside my own exhaustion and sickness and take care of my children.

I don't say this to sound pitiful, although I probably do sound quite pitiful...I am just stating the simple fact that every mother at some point or other reaches this milestone (I don't know that that is the right word...but you know what I mean)! I am really good at just plugging away and doing what has to be done.

Day after day after day...

I might drop an occasional hint that I am nearing the point of no return...

you know that point when your head spins 360 degrees and then flies off?! But I just keep bottling it up, until...

...about 6 am on a Thursday morning when I am awoke by the frantic yells....yeah you get the picture. My poor husband doesn't get it. After all, I've really said nothing clearly to him that would make him think that I was reaching that point of no return...I mean, in my mind I suppose I have with the little hints, but let's face it, men's minds do NOT operate that way!!

Nope, he has been completely blindsided, hit out of nowhere with my head spinning antics and he knows nothing but to run!! (Actually to be fair, he did take the sheets off the bed and get them to the laundry room).

So it is now time to try to get these sickly children to lay down and take a second short nap so that I can catch a cup of Chai Tea and an episode of something on HGTV to inspire me. (Not exactly my big plans that I had for the day, but at this point it will do!) Here is to all the mom's out there who need a day at the spa, but instead will settle for a lukewarm shower with children beating at the door! Try to find a little "me time" in the chaos of your day!

Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

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  1. I undertand COMPLETELY girl..."me time" is not even in my vocabulary. I have started locking the door to the bathroom and just ignore the yelling and screaming. :)