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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The bathtub is green...and not the earth-friendly kind!

Okay, I said that we were going to talk about organization, so here we go!

Now with me, my five kids and my beloved husband, we have a LOT of stuff.  Some is necessary, some I suppose is not, but regardless I get so overwhelmed I just want to escape sometimes! Seriously, I just pack up and leave for the day! Then I come back, and it's all still there and I'm even more depressed than I was before, because unfortunately, ignoring the clutter and the filth does not make it go away!

So about a week ago I went up to take a quick shower and I looked in the tub only to discover that the tub is green...again.

We have a very high amount of minerals in our water...

I know, if I washed it when I should it probably would not get to the shade of green that it had arrived at on this particular day.  Now the kids love it because they think I have put special coloring in their bath water to make it pretty!  HA!  That one always makes me laugh!

So I start to look around and realize that my whole house is in chaos and therefore, so am I.  There is a thin coat of dust on everything...has it been a month since I dusted? There are dust bunnies peaking out from under the couch and spider webs hanging from the ceiling corners...I am being very real with you here so don't use this against me later, okay? :0)  There are at least 5 loads of laundry on the floor from when I started it a week ago and I smell a load souring in the wash, and of course there is one in the dryer...not to mention the clothes that actually got folded, but never put away!! I realize that I am stressed and never feel like I have accomplished a thing at the end of the day, but somehow I am exhausted!

I suppose on this particular day, I was ready to receive any kind of help I could get to figure out my chaos.  I couldn't go another day like this.  I believe I was living out the definition of insanity...doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.  Yeah, not working!

So I was actually goofing around on the computer,avoiding looking at the laundry, when I stumbled across my lifesaver!  Now, trust me, I was a skeptic when I first saw it...that is my nature!  (I actually have a personality test to prove it!)

So I decided to quietly give it a try for a week, just to see.  (Of course thinking in the back of my mind that this will fail like every other thing I've tried to get myself organized with...always so optimistic, I know!) And, not wanting anyone to know that I had failed at my attempt at getting organized, I decided not to tell anyone that I was doing it.

I was scared.

How hard was this going to be?

If I failed at this, this thing that claimed to be so easy, could I ever get organized...ever!

Well after the first day I was afraid to look at what I had to do the second day because the first day was much too easy and I thought that at this rate my house would NEVER be in order so they must be starting me off easy and then gonna hit me with a ton of bricks...WAM! Fooled ya! You just thought it would be easy!

But, no, the second day was easy too, and the third, fourth, fifth...and my house is becoming very clean...I mean very, to the point that my husband has even noticed! So of course I couldn't keep my mouth shut for a whole week (also my nature) and told a couple of friends who are now getting organized right along with me!

Before you think I am trying to sell you something...I'm not!  This is totally free and I encourage all of you who are feeling overwhelmed with the insanity of life...Crazy Life as I like to call it, to go check out  You can google it right over there to the right in my google search bar.

This site will walk you through, step by step (baby steps) on how to get your house and yourself in order and you can actually start enjoying life!! No more spring cleaning, because you have kept up with it all year long, just a little at a time...

I know, I know, I will be quiet and you go google it...right now...don't put it

To my fellow flyladies...go shine your sink!

Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, (Not quite as)Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

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  1. O my Wendy....this is me...I love reading your blogs. :) I am gonna check that site out this afternoon when the kids are gone or napping...glad to see you guys are doing good way up there. Miss you. :)