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Thursday, April 29, 2010

And then there was Caleb...

Well, as any good parent, I force my kids to eat their meals. Maybe not all of it, but they at least have to try a bite.  Like it or not, my mom made me do it and therefore, so will my kids.  I definitely am not as strict as my mom was about dinnertime. I had to clean my plate, I mean it had better have been shining when I finished...and of course now I have a complex if I don't finish my meal...even at a restaurant when they give you like a triple portion!!

Hmmm, maybe that is why these last 17 pounds are hanging on!

And then there is Caleb.  Caleb was born with a gag reflex like you would not believe...he could smell something gross, look at something gross, merely think of something gross and BAM, we had puke!  I would be changing Carter's diaper and if Caleb walked in, I had two messes to clean.  And, quite honestly, nearly three, because I am right on Caleb's trail when it comes to that gag reflex! We were at a friend's house and she was cooking sauerkraut and when he walked in and smelled it he started gagging and headed straight back downstairs!  Good thing she was a good friend or we wouldn't have been invited back!

So I decided that we hadn't had an incident in awhile with Caleb and it would be a good time to try to get him to eat some normal food with the rest of the family.  I made my yummy little meatloaf muffins that I was telling you about and they turned out so yummy, I just knew he'd love them....wrong.

He was actually doing fine until he saw a teeny tiny little carrot on his plate.  He said, 'what's that?' and I of course told him which was immediately followed by him spewing all over the table...and then everyone was done with dinner...just like that! They all just stood up, picked up their plates and much for that yummy dinner.

I guess we will try again...a long time from now!

Another little side note about my sweet little middle child.  Caleb is quiet and has always been able to flash those big brown eyes at me and get pretty much whatever he wants. I feel terrible because sometimes, he is so quiet and good, I do actually forget that he is in the house!  I am bad about remembering to send show n tell with him, because he isn't one that gets really worked up about it, and quite honestly is very forgiving if I forget to remind him...still doesn't stop the guilt trip that I am sure to give myself though!

Caleb is also finishing up his Kindergarten year and has learned to read quite well.  He has a sense of humor that pops out every once in awhile that surprises even himself.  He was reading his list of words to me the other day and gets to the word 'but' and quickly points to his rear and says, 'not this kind mom, it's like, "I want to play my DS, but you won't let me!"' I was trying so hard not to laugh, but just couldn't help it.

The kids just got home so I had better go start getting dinner on the table. Caleb just informed me that today was the very special "Qu" show and tell, and he was the only one that forgot their item from home to give as a gift to the "queen". Really? The only one, no one else forgot..."nope, but it's okay's okay that you forgot my snack too, because we had brownies!!" ...sigh...

I don't know if I will ever get this parenting thing right, but I will sure keep trying!

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Wendy Jo


  1. you are the bestest mom EVERRR! i love your stories. we are so blessed!

  2. I agree with Matt - you are a great mom :) and glad to hear I'm not the only one with that 17 pounds still hanging on. Darnit!