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Saturday, March 27, 2010

I think I could be a hermit...

After my wonderful (note the sarcasm) experience at a certain chain superstore that I visited yesterday I have decided to tell you about my new favorite place to shop. I am not mentioning the name of the certain superstore, because I don't want to be sued...that would just get messy. However, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you probably know which one I am referring to!

I don't particularly enjoy leaving my house.

There, I said it.

I know, this probably goes against everything that you would think about a stay-at-home mom with five children, but the very idea of bundling up and loading up and facing the hectic aisles of any store is quite frankly appalling to me.

Knowing that on any given trip I will say the word, 'No' and the phrase, 'because I said so' at least 20 times per child per hour is quite simply exhausting just to think about! Unless I am leaving the house with no purpose, no list, and no hopes of accomplishing anything...I would rather stay home.

It is not that I don't like to socialize, I get plenty of that.  Well, maybe not plenty, but enough to keep me from completely losing my mind.  When I go out I am usually on a tight schedule with a purpose and often times find myself ducking around a corner to avoid running into...a long conversation.

Quit gasping and shaking your head in disbelief! No throwing stones! Don't try to tell me you aren't guilty of it too! (And if you aren't, well, a round of applause from those of us who are...) Now, if you catch me on one of those days that I have no purpose, no list, and no hopes of accomplishing anything I will probably stop and talk, otherwise it is a mad dash:

from the front door,

down every side aisle,

weaving in and out amongst slow moving carts and children...

even detouring through the lingerie section if necessary so that I can be in, grab the few items I must have, make it through checkout, and be back in my car within 30 the most!  Time me!

Yes, I suppose I have a bit of sarcasm in my tone today, but my experience from yesterday still lingers fresh in my mind.

Which brings me new favorite place to shop!! A friend referred me and I love it!

It's called  It is free to get an account and there are all sorts of goodies awaiting you... You can go to Alice and get pretty much everything except your perishable groceries as cheap as you could at...ehem...certain superstores, and it ships to you FREE!

Better yet, it arrives in 2-3 days and they add all current coupons that are out there to their products, going so far as to allow you to sort by price, brand and even will tell you price per oz., unit, etc!

You can click the link below to check it out! No more balancing 24 rolls of toilet paper, a giant box of diapers and bulk packages of paper towels on the top of the shopping cart for me!


Well, lest you all think I am having a nice quiet day at home, I now must go clean the boys bathroom where, Carter...dear Carter, decided to take himself to the bathroom while I have been typing.  There is now beautiful artwork on the walls, toilet, floor, shower get the picture...Thank goodness my order from Alice will be here on Monday, I am almost out of paper towels!

Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life,

Wendy Jo


  1. Wendy! I love it. :) I have been known to frequent "THAT STORE" at 11pm to avoid going with the kids. The downside is that you get to shop with all the losers who are dragging along their exhausted, screaming kids!! LOL!

  2. Oh Sarah I've so been there too! It's a toss up!! The lesser of two evils! :o) Thanks for reading!

  3. Wendy - I am the EXACT same way. I am very social, but my favorite day of the week right now is Monday because it is the one and only day where I don't have to leave the house all day long.

    Speaking of *that* store, look up "that store " bingo on google for a nice laugh :)