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Thursday, March 25, 2010

And so it begins...

As my son Carter stands in the middle of the kitchen floor, with an open bottle of Children's Motrin in one hand, a  medicine spoon in the other and the smell of grapes on his lips I realize that this is going to be my life for quite awhile.  After a quick call to poison control, I found that the extent of the damage was going to be an upset stomach (and a fabulous night's sleep!)

I have 5 kids.  One was planned, the others, well they just came along. (for which my husband and I are thankful for...because, nothing we plan ever turns out quite the way we would's much better this way) None have been easy to raise, but none quite so trying as my 4th, Carter.  He is 2.  My husband calls him a 'big meathead', which he is.  His head is in the 90th percentile compared to his body being in the 50th.  But I have hopes that he will eventually grow into it.

Carter is able to open child-proof bottles (see first paragraph), open and scale a very large refrigerator to reach his favorite snack (m&ms), and can pretty much destroy a fairly clean house in less than 60 seconds!

His favorite phrase is 'I don't want to', followed by 'that's not fair' (imagine that last one with a 'w' at the end, as he cannot say his 'r' sound yet).

Now you may be thinking, 'why am I reading this blog anyway'...well, I don't know.  That is my favorite answer to everything...or 'we will have to wait and see' is also a great one, although the kids are catching on to that one.

Maybe you will continue to read because it makes you realize that you aren't alone in this crazy life, or maybe you just think I am actually the only crazy one out there and you like to laugh at my expense...all completely fine by me.

I will let you in on more of my life as the days go by, maybe you can learn from my mistakes along the way! Everyone has always said, "you should write a book" but who has time for that, and who would buy it?  So...a blog it is. Maybe a book down the road, when things aren't quite so...crazy!

I have learned that through the ups and downs that if I can't stop and laugh at myself, then I probably can't stop and laugh at anything. It's 12:25 and I have 5 loads of laundry to do, supper to plan and a house to clean...and a nap is sounding really good right now.

Thanks for stopping in.

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

Carter Eisley...gotta love him!


  1. You're the best Wendy! & don't worry, you're not the only crazy one. Love ya!


  2. I love it! Yes, I will stop by and enjoy a laugh every once and a while. I remember those days. It was a season that now is gone.SO, keep the humor and your eyes on Him who will strengthen you to be victorious!
    ~Sonia ;)