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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's morning again...?

Morning...ugh, I am not a morning all!  I could be getting up to go on a trip to Paris (which I would LOVE to do) but I would still be grouchy.  Make my flight for mid-afternoon thank you very much!

This morning, as with most mornings, I am tiptoeing through the house trying to get the older children up for school without disturbing the younger children. Hoping to catch a cup of coffee and a little bit of Fox News before I have to take on the responsibility of the day. We live in a big old farm house, which is great in a lot of ways, but it's biggest downfall is that you can hear every little creak throughout the house.  

So, it was no surprise as I tiptoed down the hall to be greeted by Carter, swinging the hallway door wide and announcing, 'HI!  I AWAKE!' I type it in all caps because Carter has one volume...LOUD! (He also has a switch...ON or OFF, no middle ground there!)

I bite my lip, trying not to be angry because this of course means that, this greeting, as sweet as it may seem coming from my blonde, curly-headed little guy, woke up his baby sister Abigail...who is much like her mom, NOT a morning person!  She begins to wail and my day has officially begun, before I was ready.

Carter of course immediately ran to her rescue, consoling her and telling her, 'Don't cwy Abbie, momma comin'.  Aaah!  So cute!  How could I be mad?  Well...I'm working on it!

Each of our kids seems to have, not only a distinct personality, but a distinct roll in our family.  I raised them all the same.  How do they each turn out so different from each other?

My oldest Cooper is my joker and a clown!  There are some stories I could tell, but he would kill me! He is always, and I mean ALWAYS, playing tricks on his brother's and sisters.  If I hear one of the kids crying, yelling, or upset I can almost guarantee that Coop had something to do with it. Now, he usually means it in fun, he just forgets that he is much older than the rest of the crew! He does help us all to remember to stop working and have some fun. (Oh, and he has a very soft spot for Abigail, the baby! She has him wrapped around her finger!)

Ashton, my daughter, is a life saver.  Beautiful and kind (she gets her sweet spirit from her father) she is a huge help to me.  She cooks and cleans (which she doesn't get from her father) and loves to take care of everyone in the family.  A true servants heart.  She likes to laugh, but also takes her responsibilities very seriously. She is creative and never seems to run out of ideas...or questions! Nothing is impossible to her.  We could repaint the entire house in a day and sew new curtains for all the windows with time to spare in her mind!

Caleb, is 5.  He looks like his daddy.  Dark brown curly hair and deep chocolate eyes.  Quiet and sweet most of the time, but also a joker.  He loves to play with his baby brother and sister and is very caring.  He has an occasional awnry streak in him, but for the most part is a great kid!

Carter...well Carter is a wild child. I guess everyone has to have one! He will try to do the opposite of what you ask him to do, almost every time.  He names every project he makes, be it a worm or fish or star, "Bean".  We don't know why, there really is no explanation for most of what he does! He spends a lot of time in what we call "The Ugly Chair".  He will even go crawl up in it himself if he knows he is being, well, 'ugly'!

Let me stop here and just say, don't you LOVE it when other adults, usually a little older than you, stop and tell you how to raise or discipline your child?!  I mean, it is exactly what you were hoping for when you were walking through the church lobby, dragging your uncooperative 2-year-old behind you kicking and screaming, wasn't it?

'Excuse me, Wendy? You know, when my little Tommy (names have been changed to protect the innocent) used to act like that, I would blah,blah blah, blah blah...  You really should try it!' Obviously you can fill in the blank, but you get the picture!

What am I supposed to say?  'Oh, I just take mine to the bathroom and spank them with a big wooden spoon, but thanks!' 

Of course everyone knows I can't say that, because of course it is completely unacceptable to discipline your child these days...what do they say, it's not 'PC-Politially Correct' ...and people wonder why we have so many problems with discipline and respect in our schools!

Okay, back on track...sorry I got off on a tangent! Back to the whole raising kids the same and them turning out differently.

Last but not least is miss Abigail.  I call her my little 'peanut'.  She is a smiley, joyful fun baby.  I think I cherish every little thing she does because I know she is my last.  I try to soak in every moment I can. She is loved on constantly by Carter and I think they could just be the best of friends. (When he isn't trying to pull her around by the back of her pants or take away her cookies!)

A Note on Raising Kids (I'm not trying to tell you how to raise your kids...just telling you what I used!): 

When my kids were babies I used the Baby Wise books to help me get them into a routine and make my life, and theirs, a little more sane!  I love these books.  They were a life saver for me.  I had no one to really give me help because we lived so far from our family so I needed good kids!  Kids that I could take places if I needed to and didn't have to worry about how they would adjust to their surroundings.

People would say (and still do) 'You're so lucky! Your kids sleep through the night, you don't have to rock them to sleep, etc., etc., etc.' I would get so mad because I worked hard to help my babies learn to sleep through the night and be on a schedule and lay down in bed wide awake and go to sleep on their own!  Each of them was sleeping through the night (6-7 hours) by 8 weeks of age and sleeping 12 hours a night by the time they were 3 months.  I'm telling you this book saved my life!  I need my sleep! (Just ask my husband how I am if I don't get at least 8 is NOT pretty!)
Here is a link to the books if you want to check them out:


I hope you enjoy all the little people in your life today! Nap time is almost over so I had better go savor the last of my cup of coffee before the craziness begins again!

Thanks for stopping by.

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

   The whole gang!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Baby Bulge

So I have a "Baby Bulge". It's not horrible, but it's there. A little spare tire reminding me every time I walk by a full length mirror...'Did you do some sit-ups today? No, I didn't think you did.' Now a good girdle would probably fix it, but I refuse. I am too young to wear a girdle, at least that's what I keep telling myself! A tummy-tightening that is a different story! But no girdle. I do have plans to start exercising again, but not today...

Today I went to Panera Bread.

I know, walking in the door you probably gain at least 10 pounds just from the wonderful smell that engulfs you!

I haven't been in awhile, but I love it! I love the smells, and the ambiance. I could definitely sit and sip coffee and eat carbs all day long while reading a good book. (especially on a dreary day like today!)

What I discovered when I went, however, is that Panera happens to be the first national chain to display all of their calories for each item up on the menu for all to see! (This is actually part of the new "Obamacare" law that is going into effect...which I am not getting into right now because I'm not in the mood to talk politics!)

"Yes, I would like the 610 calorie bagel along with the 430 calorie caramel latte please."

Wait, are you kidding me? I thought bagels were healthy!!

Okay, let's do the math. I am on a 1000 calorie a day diet to try to lose the remainder of my "baby bulge". That, in one meal, puts me over for the day! I had no idea!!!

A bagel sandwich and a splurge coffee?

Hello? Seriously?

I guess this is one way to make us rethink what we are eating, but I think I enjoyed not knowing a whole lot more! This was supposed to be a fun girls morning out and now I feel guilty! Not to mention that I decided to forego my latte for a plain, black coffee just to save the calories for later! (Dinner is coming you know!)

So my food arrives and I look at my 610 calorie sandwich and think to myself, 'This, is supposed to fill me up?' I'm already eyeing the display of tempting pastries just over my friend's shoulder thinking, 'I am going to have to get something else!! I am never going to make it to supper on this!'

Though I did survive I am not sure that I can ever enjoy Panera, or any other restaurant, again if they are going to put the guilt numbers beside every entree. I just don't know if I can do it! (although this may explain why these last 15 pounds are not coming off!)

Well, I am going to go finish crunching on this yummy rice cake, try to hold myself back from devouring the entire bag of oreos in the cabinet, and go unpack my new order from that just arrived. (Yay!)

We are going out to dinner tonight...I think I will just blindly point at the menu and order whatever I am pointing at...just in case the calories are on there! No need to not enjoy my dinner out!

Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I think I could be a hermit...

After my wonderful (note the sarcasm) experience at a certain chain superstore that I visited yesterday I have decided to tell you about my new favorite place to shop. I am not mentioning the name of the certain superstore, because I don't want to be sued...that would just get messy. However, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you probably know which one I am referring to!

I don't particularly enjoy leaving my house.

There, I said it.

I know, this probably goes against everything that you would think about a stay-at-home mom with five children, but the very idea of bundling up and loading up and facing the hectic aisles of any store is quite frankly appalling to me.

Knowing that on any given trip I will say the word, 'No' and the phrase, 'because I said so' at least 20 times per child per hour is quite simply exhausting just to think about! Unless I am leaving the house with no purpose, no list, and no hopes of accomplishing anything...I would rather stay home.

It is not that I don't like to socialize, I get plenty of that.  Well, maybe not plenty, but enough to keep me from completely losing my mind.  When I go out I am usually on a tight schedule with a purpose and often times find myself ducking around a corner to avoid running into...a long conversation.

Quit gasping and shaking your head in disbelief! No throwing stones! Don't try to tell me you aren't guilty of it too! (And if you aren't, well, a round of applause from those of us who are...) Now, if you catch me on one of those days that I have no purpose, no list, and no hopes of accomplishing anything I will probably stop and talk, otherwise it is a mad dash:

from the front door,

down every side aisle,

weaving in and out amongst slow moving carts and children...

even detouring through the lingerie section if necessary so that I can be in, grab the few items I must have, make it through checkout, and be back in my car within 30 the most!  Time me!

Yes, I suppose I have a bit of sarcasm in my tone today, but my experience from yesterday still lingers fresh in my mind.

Which brings me new favorite place to shop!! A friend referred me and I love it!

It's called  It is free to get an account and there are all sorts of goodies awaiting you... You can go to Alice and get pretty much everything except your perishable groceries as cheap as you could at...ehem...certain superstores, and it ships to you FREE!

Better yet, it arrives in 2-3 days and they add all current coupons that are out there to their products, going so far as to allow you to sort by price, brand and even will tell you price per oz., unit, etc!

You can click the link below to check it out! No more balancing 24 rolls of toilet paper, a giant box of diapers and bulk packages of paper towels on the top of the shopping cart for me!


Well, lest you all think I am having a nice quiet day at home, I now must go clean the boys bathroom where, Carter...dear Carter, decided to take himself to the bathroom while I have been typing.  There is now beautiful artwork on the walls, toilet, floor, shower get the picture...Thank goodness my order from Alice will be here on Monday, I am almost out of paper towels!

Thanks for stopping by!

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life,

Wendy Jo

Thursday, March 25, 2010

And so it begins...

As my son Carter stands in the middle of the kitchen floor, with an open bottle of Children's Motrin in one hand, a  medicine spoon in the other and the smell of grapes on his lips I realize that this is going to be my life for quite awhile.  After a quick call to poison control, I found that the extent of the damage was going to be an upset stomach (and a fabulous night's sleep!)

I have 5 kids.  One was planned, the others, well they just came along. (for which my husband and I are thankful for...because, nothing we plan ever turns out quite the way we would's much better this way) None have been easy to raise, but none quite so trying as my 4th, Carter.  He is 2.  My husband calls him a 'big meathead', which he is.  His head is in the 90th percentile compared to his body being in the 50th.  But I have hopes that he will eventually grow into it.

Carter is able to open child-proof bottles (see first paragraph), open and scale a very large refrigerator to reach his favorite snack (m&ms), and can pretty much destroy a fairly clean house in less than 60 seconds!

His favorite phrase is 'I don't want to', followed by 'that's not fair' (imagine that last one with a 'w' at the end, as he cannot say his 'r' sound yet).

Now you may be thinking, 'why am I reading this blog anyway'...well, I don't know.  That is my favorite answer to everything...or 'we will have to wait and see' is also a great one, although the kids are catching on to that one.

Maybe you will continue to read because it makes you realize that you aren't alone in this crazy life, or maybe you just think I am actually the only crazy one out there and you like to laugh at my expense...all completely fine by me.

I will let you in on more of my life as the days go by, maybe you can learn from my mistakes along the way! Everyone has always said, "you should write a book" but who has time for that, and who would buy it?  So...a blog it is. Maybe a book down the road, when things aren't quite so...crazy!

I have learned that through the ups and downs that if I can't stop and laugh at myself, then I probably can't stop and laugh at anything. It's 12:25 and I have 5 loads of laundry to do, supper to plan and a house to clean...and a nap is sounding really good right now.

Thanks for stopping in.

Crazy Mom, Crazy Wife, Crazy Life

Wendy Jo

Carter Eisley...gotta love him!